Kent Membrane Filter


The important part of water purifier is “MEMBRANE”. Membrane is a participant in the work of the machine. Membrane is very thin sheets of a Synthetic plastic. In membrane the size of pore is 0.0005, which helps Remove all the dirt hidden from inside the water. A pure water from a good Membrane, is good for our health. There is a lot of small filth in the water, which we can not see,help of membrane in the water purifier to Clean it. Ro uses a membrane to remove ions, molecules and larger particles from drinking water. The membrane water purifier is better than water purifier using Chemicals and UV. Membrane needs a lot of energy to work. Membrane Water Purification is the best water purification technology In RO, membrane change every 2-3 year or based on Actual usage.

Types of  Membrane

 1.Micro-Filtration Membrane (M.F.)

  Micro- Filtration Membrane developed to solve the problem of Microbial removal, Protein Fractionation. Micro-Filtration Membrane has a pore size range of 0.1 to 10 um. The pore size of Micro-Filtration Membrane is used in the removal of harmful substance for health.

2. Ultra-filtration Membrane (U.F.)

Ultra-Filtration Membrane developed to solve the problem of particulates facts, Bacteria, Protein and Sugars. Ultra-Filtration Membrane has a pore size range of 0.01 to  0.1 um. The pore size of Ultra-Filtration Membrane is fall between that of Nano-Filtration Membrane and Micro-Filtration  Membrane. Ultra-Filtration Membrane is dependents on transmembrane pressure to the separation process. The feed stream is in parallel to the Ultra-Filtration Membrane which is help in developing the gel layer.

3.Nano-Filtration Membrane (N.F.)

The Nano-Filtration Membrane is used to clean fresh water and surface water. Nano-Filtration Membrane is used to remove disinfection of product as soft natural organic. Nano-Filtration Membrane is controlled PH, Temperature and type during development.

4. Reverse Osmosis Membrane ( R.O.)

Reverse Osm