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Blue Mount Elite Star

Offer Price : ₹ 18990 ₹ 15999

Blue Mount is an Alkaline RO water purifier brand. Elite Star is Alkaline Ro + LED water purifier. This is a First Alkaline water purifier company. Alkaline is referred to its pH level form water.

LED Display

Elite Star is India’s first LED Display Water purifier. Elite Star will be auto stop In case of leakage or Over Flow. LED Display indicates the life of Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter and Alkaline Filter. LED Display show Error when any problem comes in the purifier.LED Display has a Digital Clock, ON/ OFF facility, Low-pressure Indicator and Tank Full indicator.

Full  Automated System

Elite Star is a  full automated RO purifier. Elite star will be Auto Start when decrees the level of water and Auto stop when storage tank Full.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is very good for our health. Alkaline filter controls the pH value of water.

Multi Stage Purification Process

Elite Star have Multi stage ( Alkaline RO + UF ) Purification Process.